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Scrapbook Ideas - Tips And Techniques

Whether you are new to scrapbooking or have been putting your scrapbook ideas into practice for a while, every keen scrapbooking enthusiast welcomes new ideas, tips and techniques so I am going to share a few of mine with you.

Attaching Ribbon To Your Scrapbook Ideas:-

Ribbon is a beautiful way to accessorize a scrapbook page. It gives the page a three dimensional look and there are thousands of colors, designs and sizes of ribbon so you are sure to find something to suit the project you are working on.

There are many ways to use ribbon with your scrapbook ideas including ribbon glue which is especially made to adhere ribbon to paper. You could also use eyelets or brads, again these come in a huge variety of shapes and colors.

Attaching ribbon using staples is also a visually impressive way of embellishing your scrapbook ideas. You can use peel off pens or permanent markers to change the color of the staples helping to coordinate them with your scrapbook pages.

Using Chipboard For Scrapbook Ideas:-

Chipboard is a lot like cardboard but generally it is slightly thicker than cardstock but thinner than cardboard. If you are using chipboard for your scrapbook ideas always check the packaging or use an acid test pen to ensure it is acid free as quite often it is not.

The most common way to use chipboard with any of your scrapbook ideas is to cover it with paper. Cut the chipboard to the size and shape you require then trace the chipboard to the backside of your chosen paper. Simply cut the paper out and adhere to the chipboard. Because the sides will still be showing you can use ink, paint or pens to color the edges.

Using Flat Or Wrinkled Paper For Your Scrapbook Ideas:-

If your scrapbook page layout is depicts an old era then distressing a piece of paper to use as a background is a really effective way to give an aged look. To distress or 'age' a piece of scrapbook paper begin by crumpling it up then flattening it out. Brush an ink pad over the raised surface to give a distressed look. You can purchase specialist distress ink that will work really well but generally any ink will do but some may just need longer to dry.

If you need to flatten a piece of paper to use for your scrapbook ideas the best way is to use an iron on a low setting with no steam. I would recommend you also place a piece of scrapbook paper on top for extra protection.

Tips For Framing Photos:-

Most people matt and layer photos before adding them to a scrapbook page. Matt and layering is basically a technique where you build up layers of paper sticking one on top of the other to form a frame. There are many other ways to frame a photo including using ribbon, photo corners, photo turns, large brackets and ready made metal frames.

How To Attach Pictures For Your Scrapbook Ideas Without Causing Damage :-

If you are creating a scrapbook page layout and using an original photo that you do not want to cut, stick or damage in anyway there are a few simple techniques to add the picture to your scrapbook page without causing any damage.

The easiest way is to use photo corners however if you want a really effective way try making an envelope and placing the picture inside. Keep the envelope open so the photo can be seen, you can embellish the envelope to match your scrapbook page.

When putting together any scrapbook ideas every crafter will stumble upon new ways and techniques and it is always a good idea to share these ideas with other keen scrapbookers by joining a community or forum, you never no, you may find the answer to a problem that has been bugging you for ages.


Making An Affordable Scrapbook Out Of Plastic Bags

Although there is surely a time and a place for archive-quality scrapbooks, there are times that you just want a quick and inexpensive way to make a durable little scrapbook. Your kids will really like making these straightforward scrapbooks out of plastic bags. Or, produce a few as quick gifts for relatives who just want to treasure a few family photos. Kids can even learn a great deal about saving photos through this project. If you already have photos displayed around your house in picture frames, you may even borrow a few of these for one of these books. Make a few of these simple little books today, and let the photo fun begin.

Equipment You Will Need

To create a plastic bag scrapbook, you will need to have a box of gallon-sized clear plastic zip lock bags. Make sure you find plain bags, rather than ones with markings on the front. You will also need a couple of pieces of light cardboard, cut to the size of 12 x 12 inches square. Gather a supply of scrapbook paper, or simply substitute inexpensive construction paper, particularly if children will be making this craft. A few more things you will need are glue sticks, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a hole punch, a yarn needle, some markers, and a hammer and nice big nail. And you will clearly want some great pictures to put in your scrapbook. For children, use printed digital photos, instead of original film print photos. If your album is meant for one of your relatives, it might be best to choose pictures that are good enough quality to display in scrapbook picture frames. Youngsters are often happy with any kind of photos though.

Putting Together The Book

When you are making the scrapbook for a children's project, you will most likely want to construct it yourself. Determine how many pages you really want, and select that same number of plastic bags. Connect them by stapling 5 bags all together along the left side, with the zipper along the top . If your complete number of pages will be greater than 5, than produce more sections. Take one of the cardboard pieces and position it on a padded surface where you will be working, then place a pile of the plastic bags on top of the cardboard. Utilizing the nail and the hammer, pound holes in the cover and plastic bags, each an inch apart. Do the same thing with the rest of the sections of plastic bags, and the other cover. Sandwich the bag sections in between the covers, line them up nicely, and stitch together using a needle and yarn, knotting the ends when finished. Score along the bound edges of the back and front covers of the book using the ruler as a guide, and then you will be able to fold them back. This will permit the book to open easily.

Adding The Photographs

After you have assembled the book, then comes the really fun part. Get a stack of construction paper and some photographs that will fit into the bags correctly and then give them to your child. Then they will be able to use sticky squares or some glue and some markers and a pair of scissors to create fun pages. When their scrapbook pages are done, simply slip them into the bag pages and zip shut. You may want to take a little extra time and care if you plan on giving the scrapbook as a gift. As an extra advantage, these pages are so easy to open and close that you can exchange pictures between your book and picture frames easily.

These books are a great way to show off your favorite pictures, and they will make a great project for your kids or gift for friends and relatives


Turning Your Old Photos Into Crafty Projects

Almost everyone has a stack of old photos sitting around. Perhaps they are duplicate copies of other photos you have stored in albums, or the shots that weren't "just right." They might even be photos of people you don't even know, especially if you inherited boxes of photos from relatives. If you have some photos that you really do not need but cannot seem to throw away, why not use them to make some fun and interesting craft projects? You'll end up with some great crafty results that you can use to decorate your home, or possibly even give as gifts.

Photo Place mats

Old photos can be used to make really interesting and decorative place mats for your table. Start by using an existing place mat to trace the size and shape onto a piece of light cardboard or poster board. Then, use glue or scrapbook "photo splits" to attach the old photos to one side of the cardboard shape. You can line them up straight in a grid pattern, or attach them in a random collage fashion. When done, seal the place mat by cutting two pieces of clear contact paper that are large enough to extend about a half inch on all sides of the cardboard place mat. Sandwich the place mat between the two pieces of contact paper, making sure to seal the two contact paper sheets carefully along the free edges.

Vintage Wall Art

Black and white photos are fun to work with if you find some in your photo pile, and they can be turned into some interesting, vintage wall art. Choose the ones that appeal to you the most, put them into picture frames, and make a nice small grouping on your wall. Another good use for the black and whites is to find one that you really like and scan it, then enlarge it to the size that you want. If you are on a budget, this is an especially great way to add some vintage art to your home without spending too much money.

Photo Storage Box

If you store your good photos in photo boxes, you can use some old photos to decorate them. Glue them onto the box using a collage technique, covering the bottom of the box and the lid separately. Let the glue dry, and you'll have photo storage boxes pretty enough to display on a shelf.

Making a Family Tree

One great craft project to keep or give away is to make a family tree poster with pictures of family and relatives. You can purchase a family tree chart or design your own. Once you start filling out the family tree information, you can include a small picture of each person beside the information. This is a great way to use extra photos of family groups, as you can cut just one photo up to get many pictures. When you are all done, place the poster in a picture frame and keep or give to a relative.

Decoupage Photo Crafts

Combining decoupage with old photos can be a fun way of creating some truly beautiful craft projects. You will find full instructions for creating a number of different crafts on the Mod Podge package. Before using photos for decoupage, spray them with a couple of coats of clear acrylic spray, which will prevent photos from smearing when the Mod Podge is applied.


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